Topside of Beef


A lean, fine grained cut. Traditional Sunday roast. Please cook slowly and keep pink in the middle!

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Hallsford Topside of Beef – a lean, fine grained cut. Traditional Shorthorn Beef Sunday roast. Please cook slowly and keep pink in the middle. Price per kilo: £18.50 Price based on 1kg joint. For a larger joint select from the drop down list, then add the quantity you require. If you require different sizes of the same joint add the first one to your cart then come back and chose again. With Hung Beef you don’t get the shrinkage that you experience with Supermarket Beef. Ours is ‘Dry Aged’ as a carcase with Rock Salt in the chiller to help the process, often supermarket beef, if aged at all,  is ‘Wet Aged’ to keep in the moisture. They sometimes use the word ‘Matured’. If you have any questions, please ask. All our meat is vac packed, so it stores much more efficiently in the freezer, taking less space. It also keeps for longer. With the air removed, you don’t get ‘freezer burn’.  

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